Auto Armor® & The Protector® Antimicrobial Protection

Program Highlights

Featuring ECP Certified Clean® Antimicrobial Application

ECP Certified Clean® Protection contains both odor removal and disinfectant properties. When applied, Certified Clean works to protect interior surfaces against staining and odors from mold and mildew, and odors arising from bacterial action.

Antimicrobial Protection and
Odor Removal Benefits

The active ingredients in ECP’s Certified Clean® eliminate airborne allergens such as mold, mildew, and bacteria, while acting as a disinfectant, leaving vehicles smelling new and clean. ECP Certified Clean® helps eliminate cigarette and smoke odor as well as any other interior contaminants embedded in your vehicle’s A/C vents.

This protection product is environmentally friendly and continues to work even after the initial application has been made unless the contaminant is reintroduced to the environment.

  • Disinfectant Properties, Including Protection Against Staining And Odors From Mold & Mildew, And Odors Arising From Bacterial Action
  • Destroys Food, Pet, Body And Any Organic Contaminate Odors
  • Eliminates Cigarette And Smoke Odors
  • Eliminates Airborne Allergens
  • Leaves A/C Vents Smelling Clean And New
Available For New, Used, And Leased Vehicles
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