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ECP is an affiliate of Daubert Industries, located in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. Daubert Industries was founded in 1935 and today, consists of three separate companies:

Daubert Chemical Company (Est. 1935)

Daubert Chemical Company provides anti-corrosive materials, waxes, sealers, sound deadeners, adhesives, elastomeric polymers, and various specialty chemicals. Industries served include O.E.M. automotive assembly plants, all military branches, railroad, truck trailer and heavy-duty equipment industries as well as furniture and appliance manufacturers.

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Daubert Cromwell (Est. 1948)

Daubert Cromwell takes anti-corrosion materials and applies them to papers and plastics for use in preservation and wrapping of metal components, electronics, and various industrial applications. The principal goal is to protect componentry for years until the unit is required for use. The company has numerous international locations, including China, Mexico, Europe, and South America. Industries served include aerospace and military, automotive, export shipment and storage, heavy equipment industry, metalworking (precision metal machining), energy (oil and gas renewables), electronics (silver, copper, precious metals), steel and steel service centers, underground pipes, tubing, and many more.

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ECP Incorporated (Est. 1969)

ECP Incorporated has commercialized technologies pertaining to protecting vehicle surfaces for automobile dealers and related enterprises. To ensure we stay ahead of trends, ECP continually works with our affiliate companies and O.E.M.’s to develop new solutions related to solving problems or for new vehicle requirements and technologies. Our research and development team is on the forefront of new product development and problem solving within the protective coating and automotive appearance protection space. For example, ECP was the first to develop and launch a foam-on paint protection product, water-based ceramic protection products, an All-In-One interior protection product and the first to develop a windshield product that has been proven to strengthen the glass.

ECP also manufactures a complete line of reconditioning, detailing, prep and service chemicals as well as automated carwash chemicals and facility maintenance cleaners. We have a unique relationship with dealers and representatives for over 50 years and have diligently listened to and responded to their needs, thereby enabling us to develop solutions for new car dealer department requirements. Our $16 million inventory of over 16,000 stock keeping units was built in response to customer requirements.

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