Protective Coatings

How Technology Exceeds the Need

At ECP, we will never issue a product warranty without having verifiable science behind it. Laboratory test data (third party and in-house) must be sufficient in order to offer warranty coverage. Given our innovative product technologies and rigorous testing, we have produced the most comprehensive programs, with coverages never before offered in the industry. With over 50 years of market experience and over 75 years of product chemistry and manufacturing expertise, no other provider comes close.

Protection From Everyday Mishaps and the Environment

Exterior Appearance Protection

Your vehicle’s paint and exterior surfaces (including the wheels, black trim and molding, and headlight lenses) are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as the sun’s scorching U.V. Rays, Acid Rain, Fallout, Tree Sap, Insects, Bird Waste, Road Grime, Hardwater Spots, Brake Dust, Ocean Spray and caustic chemicals used to remove ice and snow.

Interior Appearance Protection

Your vehicle’s interior becomes your mobile office, cafeteria, movie theater, team bus, day care center on wheels, beauty salon, weekend project hauler and all-purpose transporter regardless of weather conditions. From spills, fading and staining to rips, tears, punctures and burns, everyday mishaps are bound to occur during your term of ownership.

Windshield Protection

Your vehicle’s windshield is subjected to chips and cracks caused by road debris, as well as inclement weather and a variety of other environmental contaminants including water, dirt, insects and grime.

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