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Being an Affiliate of Daubert Industries has assisted ECP greatly in the development of New Product Technologies. Daubert Industries works with O.E.M. Factory Engineers to produce specific products and advanced technologies utilized in most vehicle assembly plants throughout North America. When manufacturers change metals, paints, finishes or interior components, specialty products must be developed. This Affiliation gives ECP a competitive advantage in producing and going to market with new products first for today’s vehicles.

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Innovative Product Technologies

With over 50 years of experience in developing product solutions for the automotive market, ECP has innovated and developed the first of its kind Exterior and Interior surface protection products and product application equipment. All of ECP’s appearance protection products are:

Professional Grade
PFAS – Forever Chemical Free
Warrantied to Protect Your Vehicle’s Surfaces

Diamond Ceramic Plus with Graphene Exterior Protection™

In late 2020, we introduced ECP’s Patent-Pending Diamond Ceramic Plus with Graphene Exterior Protection™ with increased gloss, durability, reflection and added protection.

Diamond Ceramic Plus with Graphene Exterior Protection™ is our latest evolution in exterior appearance protection. It combines all of the amazing attributes of Ceramic, Nano-Diamonds and Graphene into the first of its kind exterior protection product:

Nano Diamond Particles give the entire vehicle exterior a diamond brilliance with tight water beading on all treated surfaces.

Ceramics provide long-term strength, durability and protection to the vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

Graphene increases gloss levels, producing a wet look, mirror-like shine, while achieving excellent anti-corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistant properties, a reduction in water spotting and staining.

Independent Laboratory Testing Reflects:

  • 34% Increase in Gloss Upon Initial Application.

  • After a 7 Year Simulated Exposure, Protected Panels Retained 97.8% of Their Gloss Versus 26.2% on Untreated Surfaces.

  • Protection for Every Square Inch of the Vehicle’s Exterior – Including the Paint, Headlight Lenses, Black Trim and Molding, and Factory Alloy Wheels.

Diamond Ceramic Exterior Protection®

Time was when a ceramic coating was mostly limited to expensive, exotic vehicles due to costs exceeding $4000 - $5000 per application. The great news was in 2017, we formulated our Patented Diamond Ceramic Exterior Protection® available for all vehicles, featuring the durability of a ceramic coating with the added shine, reflection and hardness from nano diamond particles.

ECP’s Patented Diamond Ceramic Exterior Protection® is the first ever long-term protective coating to combine nano diamonds with ceramic technology.

Nano diamond particles give unparalleled shine and reflection, creating a diamond brilliant finish on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. The ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface for outstanding protection.

Together, these two technologies produce a stunning appearance with high levels of gloss, slickness and reflection.

Independent Laboratory Testing Reflects:

  • 25% Increase in Gloss Upon Initial Application.

  • After a 7 Year Simulated Exposure, Protected Panels Retained 97.8% of Their Gloss Versus 26.2% on Untreated Surfaces.

  • Protection for Every Square Inch of the Vehicle’s Exterior – Including the Paint, Headlight Lenses, Black Trim and Molding, and Factory Alloy Wheels.

All-In-One Interior Protection™

In 2017, ECP developed our Patented All-In-One Interior Protection™ to eliminate the need for multiple interior surface protectants (a separate leather and/or vinyl product, a separate fabric and/or carpet protection product, and a separate product for plastic surfaces). Our innovative interior protection system combines the chemistry required for U.V. Protection, Stain Repellency, Rips, Tears, Punctures and Burns prevention all in one product, with outstanding protection for your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

All-In-One Interior Protection™ contains a concentrated, water-based polymer system that once cured, provides superior protection for today’s complex interior materials – including headliners, factory floormats and most everywhere in between.

Independent Laboratory Testing Reflects:

  • A Reduction in the Occurrence of Rips, Tears and Punctures by 34.3% Compared to an Untreated Sample.

  • 50% Greater Resistance to Damage Caused by Cigarette or Cigar Ignition Than an Untreated Sample.

  • Formulated for All Interior Surfaces, Including Fabric, Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, and Carpet.

  • Advanced UV Inhibitors Protect Against Fading and Discoloration on All Leather and Vinyl Surfaces.

  • Superior Stain Resistance From Food and Beverages.

Carbon Steel® Windshield Protection

In 2018, ECP revolutionized windshield protection by formulating a product that not only repels water but strengthens the glass. ECP’s Carbon Steel® Windshield Protection is an advanced, professionally applied system for your vehicle’s windshield. Our state-of-the-art windshield protection formula combines carbon nanotube technology with exceptional repellency to give your windshield an increase in glass strength with enhanced visibility.

Treated glass has been independently, third party tested to show over a 32% increase in break strength while repelling water, insects, dirt, and grime. This translates into more chip resistance, less rock damage, and greater visibility as a result of everyday driving.

Independent Laboratory Testing Reflects:

  • Independent Laboratory Testing Showed 32% Improvement in the Glass Strength When Coated With Carbon Steel® Windshield Protection.

  • Assists With the Reduction of Glare and Aids in Driver Visibility by More Than 30% on Average.

The Tornador® Line of Innovative Cleaning Equipment

In 2019, ECP introduced our Patented Tornador® line of automotive cleaning tools, the fastest and easiest way to clean automotive surfaces. Unlike the conventional automotive extractor, which is large in size, cumbersome to move, has difficulty cleaning the most intricate areas, and bears a significant expense, the Tornador® is a more cost-effective solution that works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can’t reach by hand. The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado cleaning action that cleans hard and soft surfaces like nothing you’ve seen before.

Dirt and grime are immediately released from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces. The Tornador® Cleaning Tool releases a fine mist of cleaning solution that does not over saturate surfaces. You’ll see the liquid turning dirty as grime is released from the surface. Wipe with a microfiber towel. Then turn the dial to shut off the water and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area. It’s that simple. Best of all, you can equip your Prep Department with multiple users, using Tornador® units, for less than the cost of an extractor.

The Tornador® Cleaning Tool cleans where other tools can’t! Use the Tornador® on interior surfaces like the dashboard, door panels, cup holders, steering wheel, leather, vinyl, upholstery, carpet, floor mats, and between seats. The Tornador® cleans in tough-to-reach places between seats and in seams. Because it releases so little liquid, surfaces dry quickly. On the exterior, use the Tornador® Cleaning Tool to clean convertible tops, body seams, wheels, and emblems. There’s no need to scrub. The Tornador® does the hard work for you.

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