ECP Administration

Award-Winning F&I Product Administration

Beyond manufacturing, packaging and distribution of innovative quality products, our core competencies also include issuing, insuring and administrating product warranties and vehicle service contracts since 1969.

All warranties and vehicle service contracts are fully insured by A-Rated Insurance Companies.

Our Consumer Relations department has over 20 fully trained, experienced representatives to offer consumer support. They are assigned by region and product specialty to provide knowledge and expertise specific to areas of North America.

ECP has assembled an outstanding team of service providers to repair consumer vehicles in a convenient manner to ensure quality repairs and satisfied customers, leading to several industry awards. Most repairs can be performed at your Dealership, home, or place of business.

File a Claim in Seconds

Another industry first is our claims app, which allows consumers to file a claim in seconds. We have offered a claims mobile app for simplified claims filing since 2015 and continue to offer services by:

Mobile App
ECP Website
Toll Free Phone
Live Operator
U.S. Mail

Customizable Programs Designed to Exceed the Needs of New Car Dealers

We are flexible in offering custom programs to exceed the needs of new car dealers – from Turnkey to Private Label Programs, to Profit Sharing Programs, to customized sales tools, videos, claims handling, apps, accounting, and access to ordering portals.

All of our electronic processing options are integrated with all popular menu systems and dealer DMS systems to provide a seamless transition to all e-contracting solutions. Plus, order portals and claims portals to make certain accurate transactions.

Additionally, we operate a separate Profit-Sharing Department with accountants and analysts that specialize in ceding, monthly cession statement reporting, and loss analysis for Reinsurance, Retro, and DOWC programs. We do not rely on a third party to provide these services. ECP performs them internally.

Keeping Customers Satisfied Since 1969

Programs and/or coverage may not be available in all areas, please inquire. Certain exclusions may apply, see a copy of the written warranty for complete details.