Research & Development

At ECP, Innovation Starts Here

As part of the Daubert Industries Family, our unique affiliation with divisions that provide products for O.E.M. assembly plants throughout North America, we are able to gain knowledge regarding innovations planned for future vehicles that allows us to build, test, and formulate products prior to new vehicles arriving at Dealerships.

Research & Development Team

ECP’s two Chemists and one Research and Development technician work primarily on quality control, new product innovations and formulations as well as existing product enhancements and improvements.

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Innovative Product

Exterior Protection Products

For modern vehicle paint and exterior surfaces (including wheels, black trim and molding and headlight lenses), we started with a water-based ceramic product that we formulated with nanodiamond particles to ensure a greater shine, reflection, water-beading (since diamonds are naturally hydrophobic or water-fearing) and overall increased protection as diamonds are the hardest known mineral on earth. In late 2020, we incorporated graphene into our product innovation to produce the first of its kind exterior protection product: diamonds give the entire vehicle exterior a diamond brilliance with tight water beading on all treated surfaces.

Ceramics provide long-term strength, durability, and protection to the vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Graphene increases gloss levels by up to 34%, producing a wet look, mirror-like shine, while achieving excellent anti-corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistant properties, and a reduction in water spotting and staining.

Windshield Protection Products

Transitioning from paint protectants, our windshield protection products underwent a similar evolution. For years, we possessed the technology to provide water-repellency for a vehicle’s front windshield. However, we did not want to go to market with a windshield protection product that only offered watershed protection.

About five years ago, we discovered the benefits of carbon nanotubes, unique molecules that possess a tensile strength approximately 100 times greater than steel and can scientifically bond to the pores of the windshield. With this technology, we were finally able to develop a windshield protection product that was truly revolutionary – that not only repels water, dirt and grime, but actually strengthens the glass, to help prevent chips and cracks to the vehicle’s windshield caused by road debris.

Interior Protection Products

For modern vehicle interior surfaces, we likewise did the same. Up until a few years ago, vehicle interiors typically had three components: fabric or upholstery, carpet, and a leather or vinyl surface. Today’s interiors consist of up to 17 different materials – from plastics, to metals, to manmade materials, vinyl, and trim from recycled materials, pleathers (polyurethane-based imitation leathers) and various other components.

We built on our separate product technologies for leather/vinyl and carpet/upholstered surfaces and combined them into one easy to apply product: All-In-One Interior Protection™, which provides superior protection for all of today’s complex interior materials. This product eliminates the need for multiple interior protectants, and combines the chemistry required for U.V. protection, stain repellency, rips, tears, punctures, and burns into a single product. The simplified application process reduces any confusion with product application while providing time savings and tested results never before experienced in the industry.

Vehicle Care Products

For Vehicle Care products including reconditioning, detailing, prep, service chemicals, facility maintenance products, shop supplies, fasteners, and equipment, our product offerings far exceed competitors’ offerings.

  • No one has the extensive line of manufactured products (5,000 active formulas) or all of the shop supplies, fasteners, maintenance items or equipment that we offer. (Extending our vision of being the Supermarket to the New Car Dealership).
  • We offer quality products and processes that produce better looking vehicles in less time, which builds extraordinary value for our customers.
  • Manufactured products can be private labelled in batches as small as 500 gallons.

Product Testing and Utilization

ECP’s Research and Development team and Chemists typically have 50 formula matches and/or improvements to be completed at any given time.

For all product innovations, we are able to perform live product utilization and testing at our National Training Center prior to sending product samples to our customers for in-field testing and evaluations.

Programs and/or coverage may not be available in all areas, please inquire. Certain exclusions may apply, see a copy of the written warranty for complete details.