ECP Leadership

Transformational Leadership

One of the keys behind ECP’s record of longevity, success and growth is continuity at its leadership positions. The core values of our leaders filter down to the rest of our dedicated, goal-oriented staff, creating an environment of stability and positivity.

Our Core Values

ECP operates under an overview of Core Values that are defined as Non-Negotiable Expectations.

We will always do what is right corporately and individually. And even if we make mistakes, we will make it right. Always be truthful, regardless of the cost. We do what’s right – Always.
and Truth
It is attention to detail and our desire to deliver quality products, programs, and services that separates us from competition. We strive to serve our customers with excellence in all that we do.
We will honor and service our customers and each other with urgency because there is power in Now. Later is often too late! Prioritize and Execute!
The good of the team and customer goodwill comes before the personal needs, desires, comforts, or agendas of any one individual. Do what’s right for the organization.
We truly believe in training, mentoring and developing all of our personnel for continued future growth. All of our leaders have grown throughout the various departments within the organization to their current positions.

Corporate Governance

Our Commitment to Excellence

Business Continuity Plan

ECP is the only company in our space that has created a thorough Business Continuity Plan. We recognize that customers throughout North America are dependent upon us to provide products, programs, and services. Therefore, if a disaster were to occur (weather-related, fire, other) that destroyed our facilities, we have developed plans that are updated annually, which would enable us to be fully operational in a new facility in less than three weeks, and partially operational the very next day.

Environmental Stewardship

At ECP, we formulate all of our products to be the most environmentally friendly and as concentrated as possible in order to reduce the effects on the environment, transportation, and energy consumption.

That is the ECP Difference

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