Factory Floor Mats

By ECP Incorporated

How often do consumers think about their vehicle’s factory floor mats? Occasionally at best. However, like all other interior surfaces, unprotected factory floor mats are subjected to costly environmental damages – you get in and out of your vehicle thousands of times in the course of your time of ownership. That means tracking dirt, rain and possibly snow and road salt water inside that may permanently stain your factory floor mats. In the long run, the damage can be even more devastating than just having stubborn stains and worn looking mats. Rain, slush, and snow can seep its way into your untreated factory floor mats, sprouting mold and mildew stains and odors inside your vehicle. Additionally, when it’s time for trade-in or resale, things like factory floor mats can make a substantial impression on the dealer or buyer that can result in less trade-in value for your vehicle (or charge backs if leasing).

ECP’s All-In-One Interior Protection™ helps prevent permanent damage to your vehicle’s factory floor mats caused by rain, snow, and other environmental damages. Its water-based polymeric coating repels oil, water, and dirt, while strengthening the carpet fibers and offering advanced U.V. protection against fading and discoloration. The All-In-One Interior Protection™ unique polymer system also extends the longevity of factory floor mats by increasing durability and inhibiting mold and mildew development. As a result, factory floor mats remain showroom new, preserving your vehicle’s new car appearance over time.

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