Cracking of the Dash

By ECP Incorporated

A vehicle’s dashboard may be subjected to fading and cracking due to the combination of excess heat and U.V. rays from the sun. On a typical sunny day, a vehicle’s unprotected dash bears the brunt of U.V. radiation as it is exposed to direct sunlight. Due to the windshield further enhancing this exposure, the dash can quickly fade and deteriorate – quickly losing its factory new appearance. Over time, this damage is typically reflected in cracks or splits, which can compromise the overall aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior.

ECP’s All-In-One Interior Protection™ helps prevent permanent damage caused by the sun’s U.V. rays and other environmental contaminants. Its advanced U.V. molecular compound protects against cracking and fading on all leather and vinyl surfaces, including the dash. Furthermore, All-In-One Interior Protection™ shields fabric upholstery from damage caused by U.V. radiation – U.V. inhibitors within the coating itself help maintain the original color of fabric seats and surfaces, while resisting fading and deterioration over time.

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