Carbon Steel® Windshield Protection

Carbon Steel® is an Advanced Professionally Applied System for Your Vehicle’s Windshield

Protects against microscopic scratches, peaks, valleys, pores, and environmental contaminants


Carbon Nanotube Windshield Appearance Protection fills the microscopic peaks and valleys of glass surface. Capped and Sealed, the bonding substrate enhances surface smoothness.

Results: Glass is strengthened, smoother and clearer.

Featuring Carbon Nanotube Technology

Our state-of-the-art windshield protection formula combines carbon nanotube technology with exceptional repellency to give your windshield an increase in glass strength with enhanced visibility.

  • A carbon-nanotube is a unique type of molecule which possesses a tensile strength approximately 100 times greater than steel.
  • Carbon-Nanotube technology gives your windshield increased resistance to impact and pressure in turn, limiting damage from everyday driving mishaps.
  • Our state-of-the-art water repellency products help prevent dirt, grime, and small insects from sticking to the surface of your windshield.
  • Our cutting edge windshield protection formula combines advanced water repellency with carbon-nanotube technology for increased glass strength and visibility.

Protect Your Windshield From Damage Such as Chipping, Cracking and Breaking

  • Treated glass showed more than a 32% increase in break strength.
  • Complete replacement for non-repairable damage.
  • Providing repair of minor chips & cracks to front windshield.
  • Our advanced windshield protection is backed by a fully insured limited warranty.
  • Assists with the reduction of glare and aids in driver visibility by more than 30% on average.
  • Every Non-Commercial Passenger Car and Light Truck Qualifies.
  • Network provider will meet you at a convenient location to repair the damaged windshield.
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