Entire Care

Our Most Comprehensive Protection Bundle

The Entire Care program bundle is designed to take care of most mishaps and nuisances that occur during your term of ownership or lease, and conveniently provides service to repair or replace those damages caused by everyday driving annoyances.

Program Benefits

In addition to fulfilling your vehicle needs with all of our individual protection products, Entire Care maximizes your vehicle’s protection with the added value of paint and interior appearance protection.

  • Tire & Wheel Protection (Unlimited): With Optional Curb Impact and Cosmetic Wheel Coverage

  • Key/Remote Replacement: Up to an $800 benefit per year

  • Paintless Dent Repair (Unlimited)

  • Windshield Repair (Unlimited)

  • Roadside Assistance (Unlimited)

  • Environmental Paint Protection & Interior Protection

Professionally applied Paint Protection offers warrantied coverage against:

  • Weather Induced Fading

  • Weather Induced Chalking

  • Weather Induced Loss of Gloss

  • Acid Rain

  • Bird Waste

  • Tree Sap

Professionally applied Interior Protection offers warrantied coverage against:

  • Fast Food & Beverage Stains

  • Bleaches & Dyes

  • Fading or Discoloration

  • Cracking of the Dash

  • Mold & Mildew

  • Rips & Tears up to 6″ in length

  • Punctures & Burns up to 1″ in diameter

See your vehicle service contract for individual state requirements.
Upgraded exterior and interior coverage is also available for your New, Used or Leased vehicle with our Entire Care Ultimate and Entire Lease Care options.
Available For New, Used, And Leased Vehicles
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