Is the warranty cancelable?    

No, because once the products have been applied, they cannot be removed or returned.


If information on my warranty is incorrect, what do I need to do to have it corrected?    

Contact our Warranty Administrator at 800.323.3521 and provide the correct information and it will be changed within our system. You may be asked to fax a copy of your warranty along with additional information depending upon the change.


Is the warranty transferable if I trade in the vehicle?    

Yes. The warranty you had originally purchased on your vehicle must remain with that vehicle however can be transferred to the new owner for a nominal fee. Please note that the new owner will require the original warranties issued at the time of application in order to complete the transfer.


Can I transfer a warranty on a vehicle that I purchased that already has the products applied?    

Yes. If you have recently purchased a vehicle that already has our products applied, you may transfer the warranties into your name for a nominal fee. Please note that the original warranties from the previous owner must be submitted to our office, along with a bill of sale showing proof of the new ownership along with the transfer fee’s. You can forward this information to the PO box listed on the warranties.


What is the multi-transfer discount?    

A discount of $10.00 will be deducted from the total if multiple warranties are being transferred.


What information do I need to transfer a warranty?    

The original warranty, a check made to ECP Inc. for the transfer fee, and the new owners name, address and phone number.


Am I required to have the vehicle inspected annually?    

Only lifetime warranties require an inspection. This is during the 30-36th month after the original application. Refer to your warranty for the specific requirements necessary to keep it valid.