How do I file a claim?    

You can file a claim either online by selecting the exterior or interior claim forms, by email, by phone 800.323.3521 or by fax 800.409.5195

Exterior Claim (use this form for environmental paint and/or surface rust claims)

Interior Claim (use this form for all claims relating to inside the vehicle)


What information will I need to file a claim?    

For exterior claims, you will need to complete the required claim form, provide a copy of your warranty, motor vehicle registration form, photos of the damage and an itemized estimate of repair from either your local dealership or bodyshop of your choice.

For interior claims, you will need to complete the interior claim form, provide a copy of your warranty, and motor vehicle registration form. An additional interior explanation form will need to be completed and can be obtained from any member of the claims department.


How long will it take for my claim to be processed?    

Our award-winning claims department will process your claim within 24 business hours of receiving all of the information required.


How long after a repair do I wait to have the products reapplied?    

Corrosion protection can be applied immediately, however the paint must be allowed to cure for at least 30 days prior to any environmental paint and surface rust protection being reapplied.