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ECP Plus Diamond Ceramic Exterior Protection is the first ever long term protective coating to combine nano diamonds with ceramic technology. The nano diamonds give unparalleled shine and reflection, creating a diamond brilliance finish to your vehicle. The ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface for outstanding protection. The two technologies together result in a stunning appearance with high levels of gloss, slickness, and reflection.

Protects Against Damage From


Ocean Spray

Hard Water Spots

De-icing Agents & Road Salts

Industrial Fallout

Paint Overspray

Fuel Stains


Chewing Gum



Blood & Bodily Fluids

Rips & Tears up to 6” in length

Weather Induced Fading

Acid Rain

Bird Waste

Tree Sap

Sun's UV Damage

Insect Damage

Headlight Lens

Black Molding & Trim

Alloy Wheels

Bleaches & Dyes

Fast Food & Beverage Stains

Fading & Discoloration

Cracking of the Dash

Sun's UV Rays

Mold & Mildew

Headlight & Sun Visor

Factory Floor Mats

Punctures & Burns up to 1” in diameter

Eligibility and Term


All vehicles qualify regardless of model year and mileage.

New or current model year and up to 5 years

Pre-Driven – 6 years and older

7 years – renewable for life

New – full repair, replacement, and repainting

Pre-Driven – 7 full years of professional detailing of painted surfaces including, wet sanding, buffing and reapplication and professional cleaning or re-dying of interiors. This also includes rips and tears up to 6 inches in length and punctures and burns up to 1 inch in diameter*


*Programs and/or coverage may not be available in all areas, please inquire. Certain exclusions may apply, see a copy of the written warranty for complete details.



Next Generation in Protection

New product innovations provide coverage never before offered to keep your new vehicle looking just like the day you took delivery.

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